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Therapeutic Prostate Massage

Gentle Prostate Massage explores the erotic rewards of masculinity. I start by giving you a FULL BODY SENSUAL and EROTIC MASSAGE. I stimulate EVERY INCH of your body. Your celebration continues with deep circular stimulation of your perineum (you know that very sensual area between your beautiful lingam and anal lips) to awaken the prostate externally, gradually extending the deepening pleasure to your anal-lips. I use a technique which involves gently tapping (knocking on heavens door) to allow one gentle vibrating finger to very very very slowly and sensually penetrate sliding deeper towards that spot of sacred sensation, your prostate, the central point of your inner being. Without any direct stimulation you will begin to experience sensual pleasurable sensations on the narrow strip on the side and back of your lingam up to the glans and on a narrow strip down your inner thighs. I vibrate pleasurable sensation deep within your prostate and perineum. By gently massaging your prostate's acupressure point, and encouraging you to use the anal breathing method you will begin to experience wavelike contractions and warm sensation within your entire anal canal. This gentle prostate tantric ritual helps to bring you into harmony, and helps to increases your capacity to receive pleasure. As you approaches orgasm, we gently reduce your urge to climax. Thus the duration of your orgasm can be extended, and the strength of the prostate (anal)orgasm can be dramatically increased. Gentle stimulation of your prostate, may bring about the release of strong emotions. It will allow you to experience the great power of your prostate. These feelings will be allowed to flow freely, in the safe and encouraging company of Laviras, the best prostate masseuse in Sydney.