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Here is what some of our satisfied clients have to say about their Tantric experiences with Laviras Intikana

Dear Laviras,

Heartfelt thanks for the healing I had with you on Friday!  I felt particularly moved to write to you about it, not only for your own understanding but in the hope that you might be able to share my experience with others so they might benefit from it too.

As soon as I walked into your healing space, your “temple” , I felt the intense energies that you intentioned to be there and I felt immediately relaxed. Although I had been sincerely drawn to having a healing with you previously and knew in my heart it was right for me, admittedly I had been nervous and uncomfortable before entering this room, skeptical of why I had really come and  if I needed any kind of healing at all. When I sat opposite you and you spoke directly to me, I knew I could not hide my truth… The truth was, as a wife and mother of 3 who has recently had a lot of physical illness and surgery, including a 3 month pregnancy and miscarriage, my physical being felt awful, undernourished and unloved. I didn’t recognise the woman in the mirror with the dark circles under her eyes, the body scars and lack of muscle tone. I was exhausted and felt the physical and emotional demands of caring for a family and attending to my husband had left me devitalised. It was as though I had aged 10 years in the last 12 mo and for the first time in my life my libido had almost completely dropped away, a scary thing for a woman who has always enjoyed a healthy sex drive! Even though my heart was telling me that I needed some assistance as something wasn’t quite right, my head kept rationalising and insisting that I was doing the best that I could and that everybody ages eventually that this was just something I should accept and just “get over ” . I decided to follow my heart and accept a session with you as I knew as a healer myself that there were energy centres that may be blocked due to trauma and energy could be boosted if these were cleared.

You suggested that a tantric massage would be the best way for me to connect with my physical self again, but I had no idea just how disconnected I had allowed myself to get obviously as the experience of becoming one and whole again completely blew me away !

After undressing and lying down on the mat on the floor, the rest of the world completely dropped away… immediately I felt cocooned in some deep dark womb within mother earth…. Warm. Safe. Loved. Honoured and Respected. The beautiful rhythmic music like a heartbeat that allowed no thoughts of past or future to invade… just the steady present moment. The oils you lavished upon me had a sensuous perfume that made me feel beautiful, pampered and worthy like some ancient revered goddess. I surrendered to the experience, totally and completely with no fear and with complete trust. I was just so relaxed and it felt so good there was just no room for worry or negativity. I was out of my head and totally grounded in my body . How often do we really allow ourselves to do this? To be completely centered and grounded in the physical was so nourishing. The sincere embrace of love I felt from you was very humbling.

I felt various body sensations -many were pleasurable, some were uncomfortable, heavy and painful but as you explained to me, these sensations would eventually move clear and shift as the massage progressed. Feeling this clearing of energy for myself was great confirmation that the process was exactly what I needed!

I felt the kundalini building and rising from my base chakra right to the top of my head. The divine union guided by you, that brought me together with my twin flame dissolved my physical form and enveloped me in complete bliss…. Every sensation merging onto one, suspended in a timeless state of just one breath….

You wrapped me in blankets and allowed me time to enjoy this bliss and come down from “heaven” – I felt so calm and serene, gradually coming back into the world in my own time. Completely at peace and grateful almost for being able to come out of the “mothers dark womb”, born into the world anew- refreshed, clear and revitalised !

What you shared with me is truly sacred work that I feel is necessary for each man and woman to fully know and understand. This form of healing I feel really does narrow the divide between the feminine and masculine, yin and yang, in doing so, illuminating the whole and allowing our human self to surrender to “ the one” …. The awakening is in knowing it is always there and only we choose to separate ourselves from it. The beautiful truth that was revealed to me after our session was that it is our human form that separates us from the divine, but our human form can also re connect us to our splendid divine selves again.  If all of us can just allow ourselves to experience this moment of wholeness and bliss from time to time or ideally as part of daily ritual, all of our individual droplets will surely merge into “one”, spilling over the barriers we have placed to contain it, creating an infinite ocean of peace. It is true that what we as individuals choose to create in each moment allows the whole of humanity to evolve into its highest potential, so that Heaven truly can reside on Earth!

You are amazing Laviras and the energies you channel are a blessing to experience!

I am very much looking forward to more healing with you and I’m sure this is just the beginning of an incredible journey.

- Louise 


I was blessed and activated for this series, last night, in a very potent, magical, special way by tantric sound healer, multidimensional lightworker... Laviras Intikana. Very hard to describe this session, but my whole body was tingling with light for two hours. I received many reminders of my path and mission here, and it was the perfect pre kundalini rejuvenation/uplift... a true gift. I highly recommend Laviras if you are opening sensually and want to expand. Take an open mind and receive the goodness.I woke up bouncing this morning like a child ...the sunsrise was so delicious!


This journey has lifted me into a whole new vibration, confirmed more of my mission, taken me to a new level of limitless confidence, no fear, full trust, and full activation. It was the perfect gift. The perfect timing. Nothings going to stop me. I am powerful, clear, living my purpose and very clear. And taking action. I highly recommend this empowering sacred mystical journey with the amazing healer Laviras this sacred potent land. Beyond words."


Thanks Laviras Before I attended your tantric massage session I had no idea how amazing it would be. The atmosphere that you provided, the encouragement/tuition you gave and your beautiful hands and technique made it like no other massage I have had before. It is truly eye opening to know the pleasures that you can produce in the body, and the full body orgasm was a first for me and beyond description. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks Again


In teaching me your Goddess Worship techniques you have opened up a whole new world for me with my partner. I have indeed learnt how to pleasure my partner in ways I never understood before, and she certainly appreciates it! Your generous instruction has re-energised our sexual relationship and allows me to give a lot more, rather than just be on the receiving end. I will be seeing you again to gain a further understanding of what else tantra can bring into our lives.


Over the past 3 months, during which I have attended your Tantra Course, you have changed my life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! In teaching the principles and techniques of tantra you have taught me things about sexuality I wish I had known 20 years ago. This knowledge should be learnt by everyone. The sexual energy movements in my body and my partners body have taken us to new levels of pleasure and intimacy, with extended and heartfelt lovemaking replacing our old tired habits. Namaste Dear Laviras


Words I was sent that since I have lived ... "A Tantric relationship is not about Sexual acrobatics or special postures... Tantra is being able to connect to the other In a deeper level of caring compassion, Seeing that person as a reflection of our own spiritual being... From that view and attitude, manifests the alchemical process Of taking the couple to this Sacred Love land Where there's perfect integration between the hearts and the Souls ..." As you know, after a period of "celibate tantra" Natasha and I have resumed our relationship of 30 years ago, out there as an exclusive tantric couple. It is rapturous! I am so grateful for your teaching and your opening of my heart. The exploration of this union is so blissful - a single finger to the third eye and instant orgasm there - just one moment among thousands...


I have enjoyed a number of sessions and massages with you a few times over many years and have always found you delightful, knowledgable and welcoming. My partner is interested in exploring her sexuality and learning more about the feminine and I thought you would be the best person to open her world up for her. She is wanting to enjoy a highly erotic encounter that is more than just a threesome or sex with a woman. She wants to expand her understanding of her own sexuality, learn how to pleasure others and be pleasured herself... Can you help us?

Course in Tantra

In this course, you learn principles and techniques that will enhance sexuality and sexual experience, either individually or with your partner. You will learn how to integrate the teachings in a way that allows you to embody a deep understanding of Tantra and Sexual Alchemy. The course is highly personalized to meet your personal interests and needs.


Laviras is a gifted healer. Sensitive, sensual and caring, she holds a safe space for a woman to receive nurturing tantric healing. She uses her voice, bowls, magic hands and her session is just so relaxing as well as transformative. I recommend you experience her work, it's unique, special and you'll come out feeling liberated, loved up and lighter.


This journey has lifted me into a whole new vibration, confirmed more of my mission, taken me to a new level of limitless confidence, no fear, full trust, and full activation. It was the perfect gift. The perfect timing. Nothings going to stop me. I am powerful, clear, living my purpose and very clear. And taking action. I highly recommend this empowering sacred mystical journey with the amazing healer Laviras this sacred potent land. Beyond words."


I just wanted to say Thank You for the amazing journey i went on a few days a go with you. I was EXTREMELY nervous, shy and a little embarrassed coming to see you, I almost was calling you to cancel the session. Although not long after meeting with you I felt at ease and relaxed. The tantra session was amazing!!! I know it was just an insight to a journey I would like to discover more of however it still gave me feelings I haven't felt before. So once again I thank you for your warmth and knowledge and look forward to doing another session with you in the future.

God Worship

The God Worship session will show you how to surrender and enjoy an advanced form of Tantric pleasuring. You'll experience the total indulgence of all your senses, body, mind and spirit.