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About Laviras

I have studied the Esoteric Art of Sexuality throughout most of my adult life, including both the western and eastern traditions. My experience and learnings have included studies under Samuel Sagan at Clear Vision School; Barbara Carrellas Tantric Body Electric School in San Francisco; Alton Kamadon Mystery School; Oceana & Icarus; Indian Master Poojya Gurudeva and Amora Quan Yin's Pleiadian Mystery School

I am passionate about sharing the secrets of Tantra. In the past, these secrets were only made available to students after many years of study. But times have changed, and now the extraordinary power of Tantra is available to everyone.

My goal at Intikana Tantra is to help you activate the Shakti within, for this is the power of the divine that drives sexuality and creativity. Without it, you cannot experience real Tantra and your creativity, passion and drive will not be at their full potential.

I use ceremony, ritual, controlled breathing and visualization to awaken this energy and help you to realize that heightened sexuality is very accessible if you obtain the proper guidance.